draugven art

Nouvelle Perspective

2 months work stuffed into 2 minutes

I have been enamored with Art Nouveau and in particular with Alphonse Mucha for years now but this time I thought how about I update the „new art“?
So the logical step from the ideas of feminism was to highlight diversity and step even further away from the gender archetypes.
Basically to put people other than „traditional women“ in dresses :)
My biggest fear was that it was going to look funny, since that was not what I was going for. But I think I’ve managed to find the balance between it being chucklesome and still conveying a message.

You be the judge of that.

Thank you to MountainBytes for capturing the demo.
Here is also a download link and a link to pouet .

Big thank you to ghost for providing an awesome soundtrack for the demo and thank you again and again to all the beautiful models: reality, aldroid, psenough, and of course lug00ber!